The Gugu Dlamini Foundation, based in Ntuzuma in Durban, focuses on educating women and children about HIV and AIDS and life skills. The organisation also has an Early Childhood Development Centre and a composting programme that generates income. They provide three healthy meals a week to 108 beneficiaries from the surrounding township. Without the support of FoodForward SA they would not be able to provide this service.
Due to the support of the staff at the Gugu Dlamini Foundation more of the beneficiaries are able to continue their antiretroviral treatment with access to adequate nutrition. Recently, the organisation bought a scale which they use to weigh their beneficiaries when they started the programme. They have already noticed that their beneficiaries have gained weight and are much healthier.
One of their patients, who was identified through home visits, was very sick and was not able to leave the house to buy food or collect her treatment. After regular visits by the Gugu Dlamini Foundation’s home based carers, who brought her food and made sure she took her medication, the patient slowly recovered and decided she wanted to give back to the community. She is now one of the volunteers who work in the organisations community garden.