Young South Africans face tremendous challenges that inhibit them from becoming productive citizens and fulfilling their potential. Afrika Tikkun is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the reduction of youth unemployment in South Africa by tackling the socio-economic drivers that make it difficult for young people to access the economy as productive citizens.

This is achieved through the implementation of the Cradle-to-Career (C2C) model at five community centres and one skills based centre in under resourced communities situated in the Gauteng and Western Cape Provinces.

The C2C model has been developed to support and empower young people from a very young age into adulthood, and ultimately employment, so that that they become economically productive citizens. Within the context of the family, focus is placed on education, career development, personal development, nutrition, health, skills development, and ultimately work placement and employment.

The Annual Nedbank SA Charity Golf Day in the UK seeks to support vulnerable South African children and their families and has been a staunch supporter of Afrika Tikkun since 2004 and has raised more than £2 Million, for a number of worthy causes across South Africa. Afrika Tikkun is so proud and grateful to be one of their long-term beneficiaries.

The proceeds from the 2018 annual golf day have been allocated to the establishment of the Garden 2 Kindergarten (G2K) project at Afrika Tikkun’s Zolile Malindi Centre in Cape Town.

The G2K project is targeted at Grade R learners who are close to finishing the early childhood development (ECD) phase of the C2C process. The project seeks to highlight the importance of the environment, the lifecycle of plants, how that same fresh produce is part of their daily sustenance, and of course providing the opportunity for learning about maths and science in an outdoor classroom environment.

The first G2K project was established at Afrika Tikkun’s Arekopaneng Centre in Orange Farm at the in  2018 and by the end of 2018, the garden was producing lovely vegetables used to feed the young people at the centre and allows them to experience the fruits of the labour.

Tim Abaa, our G2K Project Coordinator, summarises what the G2K project means for the young people who participate, “We want the children to be warriors in the war on poverty. They should be able to look after their community, their families and themselves. With productive communities, the country’s economy will grow. People must create employment on their own, and we want to give them the skills to do that from an early age.” This is no mere vegetable garden – this programme gives families the skills to be authors of their own life.” he concludes.

We would like to say a very big thank you to the Nedbank SA Charity Golf Day for their ongoing and unwavering support and we look forward to many more years of working together.