Chatsworth Cheshire Home, based in Chatsworth, is focused on providing care and support to people with disabilities who do not have homes or shelter. With the help of FoodForward SA, they are able to provide 21 meals a week to their 163 beneficiaries. Thanks to FoodForward SA’s support the home is able to provide a balanced meal daily to the residents.
This home was opened in 1971 by a pioneering group of concerned people led by Professor FGH Mayet who recognised the need for such a home in the disadvantaged area of Chatsworth. Her experience as a medical doctor at the King Edward Hospital revealed the appalling situation of people with severe disabilities, languishing in hospitals without anywhere else to go.
With relevant renovations and additions to a farmer’s old home, which was leased from the Durban Municipality, a home for disabled residents was started. Over the years they have seen approximately 150 residents passing through their doors.