Thabile Faith Masedi is 14 years old and part of Afrika Tikkun AV (Anti Violence) Buddies group. At first Thabile was unsure of joining but after it was explained that the group was developed to empower young children to be peer educators in their schools, she was very happy to be part of a group of people that encourage making a difference when it comes to sexual violence.

Thabile was mind blown after attending a training camp. It taught her a lot of things about violence and how to handle pressure that can lead to violence. Also to assist other learners from school and the community to understand that violence is wrong. Thabile learnt a lot about sexual violence too and now know’s how to support girls who have been sexually violated. Most importantly, through Afrika Tikkun, she learnt to say no to violence.

Thabile is now encouraging her peers to take a stand against violence.


Thabile participates in many events organised by the group, in particular which address bullying. This makes her feel good about herself and increases her self-esteem,as many learners ask more about ways to deal with violence and also want to know how they can became members of the club.

As an AntiViolence buddy, Thabile has taught herself that violence is not a good thing and we should try and prevent it and say no. She has also inspired many of her friends to join the group and loves that they are all standing against violence. Her plan is to make sure that all learners in her school are part of AV Buddies and Thabile is looking forward to attending other camps and learning about violence.